Kilbirnie Town Centre Plan

17 May 2010

Our thinking for Kilbirnie's future is that it will be a key community and business hub for the southern and eastern suburbs.

Pedestrians in Kilbirnie town centre

Pedestrians in Kilbirnie town centre

For that to happen, we want to make sure people see Kilbirnie as an attractive, vibrant, prosperous part of Wellington where they want to live, work and spend their leisure time. That means revitalising the town centre.

We've worked with local businesses and the community to develop a draft plan to revitalise the Kilbirnie town centre - and now we want to know what you think of it.

We started planning a year ago by asking people what they thought the main issues and opportunities were for Kilbirnie.

"People said they loved the area but felt it was rundown, and the quality of buildings in the town centre was not great," says Council project manager Paul Kos.

"They told us they like the centre's village atmosphere and access to community facilities, such as the Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre, library, recreation and community centres. But they felt something should to be done to improve the look and functioning of the centre to make it a bit more than just a place where people go to buy their groceries.

"We created a leadership group of business leaders, landowners and residents, and they've been a sounding board and source of ideas.

"The draft plan we've come up with contains the ideas and feedback we've received from the community, leadership group and technical advice. We're looking forward to getting public comment on it."

The plan identifies potential for a new public space between Bay and Onepu roads, and suggests redeveloping the bus barn site into a high-quality mixed-use development.

Another initiative would be planting trees along Rongotai and Onepu roads, weather-proofing bus shelters, improving key areas for pedestrians and creating community walk and cycleways on the existing drainage easement to the south of the bus-barns (Queens Drive to Tirangi Road).

Investigating redevelopment opportunities on key sites, including the Community Centre site, could improve the quality of the shopping experience on the main street and increase the centre's overall performance.

Other ideas include encouraging opportunities for well-designed medium-density houses and apartments, and encouraging local businesses to work together to promote and coordinate business activities in the centre.

To tell us what you think of the plan, go to the 'have your say' section of our website or pick up a copy of the plan and submission form from city libraries, or the City Council Service Centre, 101 Wakefield Street. You can also have your say by joining our Facebook group by typing in 'Kilbirnie town centre plan' on the Facebook website.

Paul Kos says Kilbirnie is an important centre for Wellington City. "This plan is all about raising its performance as a town centre as well as making sure we cope with the expected population growth in the area. The key to this has been to make sure we maintain and enhance Kilbirnie's role as a key hub for the southern and eastern suburbs."