City Council Wants Your Thoughts on the Waterfront

3 May 2010

What do Wellingtonians think about having an ice-rink on the waterfront? Do you like the idea of being sheltered by a tent-like structure as you buy your fruit and vegetables?

Wellington City Council wants to hear people's views on the draft Waterfront Development Plan 2010/11 that goes out for consultation tomorrow (4 May).

There are several facets to the plan. It details work that's already under way such as the construction of the wharewaka, and work that's about to happen such as the construction of the Kumutoto 'artwork' toilets - scheduled to start in August.

The plan proposes to prepare business cases for temporary uses of the waterfront such as an ice-rink and a tent-like fabric structure over the 'transition site' beside Waitangi Park - where the Harbourside Market is held on Sundays. The 'transition site' is earmarked for one of the four winning buildings from a competition that was held five years ago.

Mayor Kerry Prendergast says this is a good time to look into feasibility studies for the buildings, as this is an opportunity to have a world-leading architectural plan for the waterfront.

"The waterfront is and continues to be one of the most successful areas of the city," says Mayor Prendergast. "Its development over the years has been groundbreaking - sympathetic to both the environment and heritage of the area.

"Leading-edge structures such as the Meridian building at the Kumutoto end of the waterfront and the proposed UN Studio and Wardle Buildings beside Waitangi Park beautify the area, as well as generating enough income for us to continue protecting the waterfront's open space - clearly a favourite for the thousands of Wellingtonians I see there most weekends."

The consultation will last for one month. Wellingtonians can either view the plan and make their submission online in the Public Input section of this website or pick up the summary document and/or the plan from the Council Service Centre on Wakefield Street or from city libraries and make their submission by Freepost. Submissions must be received by 5.00pm Wednesday 2 June.