Project West Wind

26 April 2010

The Project West Wind Community Liaison Group is seeking another member.

The Community Liaison Group was a requirement of the Environment Court when it granted resource consent in 2005 for Project West Wind - Meridian Energy's wind farm at Makara.

The group was established in September 2007. One of the resident representatives on the group has recently resigned so nominations are now being sought for one resident from the Makara, South Makara, Makara Beach or Takarau Gorge area to fill the vacancy.

The Makara-Ohariu Community Board, Wellington City Council and Meridian each have one representative on the group.

The group's responsibilities are to:

  • review Meridian's performance in terms of noise control, the impact of construction traffic and parking management
  • make recommendations to, and receive feedback from, Meridian about any of the above matters
  • produce an annual report to Wellington City Council's Strategy and Policy Committee
  • review implementation of the Project West Wind noise management plan
  • work with Meridian on the well-being and enhancement of the communities adjoining the site - including Makara, South Makara, Makara Beach and Takarau Gorge.

Written nominations (including a short profile statement of up to 150 words, and a photograph) should be sent to the Wellington City Electoral Officer, Ross Bly, either at PO Box 2199, Wellington 6140, or email

Nominations close at 5.00pm on Friday 14 May 2010.

If more than one nomination is received then a postal election will be held.

Residents of the Makara, South Makara, Makara Beach and Takarau Gorge area who are registered on the Electoral Roll will be eligible to vote. People enrolled on the Unpublished Electoral Roll (in the Makara area) will have to apply to the Electoral Officer for a special vote.

For more information, phone Ross Bly on (04) 801 3484 or email