Draft Annual Plan

26 April 2010

Wellingtonians have just 12 more days to send in their submissions on the 2010/11 draft Annual Plan.

A Zumba dance class at Newlands Community Centre

A Zumba dance class at Newlands Community Centre

The proposed plan, which went out for consultation earlier this month, details all the work we plan to do in the next 12 months, and how we'll go about allocating funds.

We're also consulting on two other draft plans for the city:

- the Climate Change Action Plan, which outlines what we propose to do to prepare our city for climate change and the role everyone can take

- the Community Facilities Policy and Implementation Plan, which details the work we'd like to do in the next 12 years on our libraries, pools, recreation centres and other community facilities.

Mayor Kerry Prendergast says many people will have an interest in elements of these plans. "You might for instance be part of a swim club, have an interest in what the city's plans are for next year's Rugby World Cup or be passionate about the environment and the impact climate change could have on the city. You might have something to say about proposed price increases for some of our services or how we propose to fund them. Now is the time to have your say on any of these matters," says Mayor Prendergast.

While the vast majority of spending proposed through the draft Annual Plan is in line with our long-term plan and pays for essentials - things like maintaining roads, footpaths and our sewerage and water networks - a small number of new projects have been proposed that you may have views on.

They include plans to help the city host tens of thousands of visitors expected for the Rugby World Cup and make the most of the international attention the tournament will bring. Also included is additional work to make the city safer or easier to get around and to reduce our greenhouse gases.

There's information about the draft Annual Plan, Climate Change Action Plan and Community Facilities Policy and Implementation Plan on the Public Input section of this website, at libraries and our service centre on Wakefield Street. Or phone (04) 499 4444 and we'll post relevant information to you.

You can make submissions in the Public Input section of this website, by filling out a Freepost submission form or by letter or email. Hearings are also planned in May so submitters who want to can come along and explain their views to City Councillors in person.

Mayor Prendergast says each year hundreds of people, as well as groups and organisations, take the time to comment on Council plans and policies and those views do help shape the decisions we make.

"We can't promise to act on every suggestion in every submission but we do listen, weigh up the wide-ranging views we receive and make changes," she says.