Manners Mall Update

15 March 2010

Plans to create a quicker, more direct bus route through Manners Mall and a new shared public space in lower Cuba Street are continuing but Wellingtonians won't see anything happening on site just yet.

Councillors decided in December to revoke Manners Mall's pedestrian status and go ahead with the project. That decision has been appealed by City is Ours (Inc) and will be the subject of an Environment Court hearing scheduled for early April.

Project Manager Suzanne Enyon says we can't get on with the project as quickly as we would have liked until we have a decision from the Environment Court, but some planning work is continuing, including the detailed design for lower Cuba Street.

"We strongly believe this project has major benefits and want to be ready to go if the Environment Court supports the Council's decision, which we're very hopeful it will," she says.

"The project will allow us to further improve the main public transport route through the city, help improve bus reliability, provide new public spaces and improve pedestrian links to Civic Square and the waterfront - things we think will improve the city and the way it functions."