Hazardous Tree Removal

22 March 2010

We will soon be removing over half a hectare of pine trees that pose a hazard on the Town Belt above Newtown.

The trees are being removed to eliminate the risk they pose during high wind or storms to property, power lines and walking tracks in the area. A number of the trees are directly above houses located off Owen Street and several have already fallen down.

Julian Emeny, the Council's Aboriculture Team Manager, says the work is part of a proactive programme to remove hazardous trees.

The area will be replanted with native plants this winter.

The work, to be carried out by contractors, Treescape, is due to begin on Tuesday 6 April (Monday to Saturday, 7.30am to 6.00pm) and will take three weeks, weather permitting.

For safety reasons, a number of walking and biking tracks in the area will be closed, including the Southern Walkway between Truby King Park and Coromandel Street.

We will re-install a gate on the access road to the reservoir at the top of Owen Street. This will be kept closed during the project and will ensure that logging trucks and other heavy vehicles and machinery can use the road safely without encountering private vehicles.