Festival of Circus Begins

1 March 2010

For one week Waitangi Park will be transformed with circus tents, flying trapeze rigs, carousels and candy floss for Wellington's inaugural Festival of Circus.

The festival, running from 3 to 9 March, will showcase artists and shows from around New Zealand and the world - it's the circus but not as you know it!

The Wellington Circus Trust also takes its activities on to the street with free workshops and matinee performances in all the skills and thrills of the circus. Learn to juggle, swing, somersault and fly at open workshops for all ages.

You can see such diverse acts as:

  • Circus of Horrors, a show not for the squeamish or faint hearted
  • Adagio, The Cabaret, a fusion of circus, theatre and live music
  • The Navigators, inspired by our seafaring ancestors and full of magic, danger, comedy, acrobatics and death-defying stunts.

For show times and admission charges, visit the Wellington Circus Trust website or the Awkward Productions website.