Reminder about Recycling

16 February 2010

We'd like to remind residents to secure and separate their recycling to make life that little bit easier for the people who sort the recycling, and have less recycling blowing around the streets.

Waste Minimisation Officer Donna Sherlock says it's easy. "All you have to do is either separate your paper and cardboard from glass, cans and plastics by putting them in separate supermarket plastic bags, or better still, separate them neatly in your green bin.

"The whole reason we recycle is to care for our environment. If your bin blows over and the contents spill everywhere, that causes litter problems and affects our stormwater system - not exactly environmentally-friendly!

"You can get specially designed nets from some supermarkets or our service centre on Wakefield Street. These easily cover the green bins and prevent spillages on windy days," says Donna.

Recycling can be placed at the kerbside any time after 7.00pm on the eve of your collection day. This can be done in either the green bins or secured plastic bags. Cardboard boxes used in place of a recycling bin will not be accepted.

For more information, phone Donna on (04) 383 4439 or visit the recycling section of this website.