Phoenix Time-limit Tickets to be Waived

22 February 2010

Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast says the City Council will waive about 60 time-limit related parking tickets issued to vehicles parked near the Westpac Stadium last night while the Phoenix-Perth Glory match was under way.

Mayor Prendergast, who holds the Council Transport Portfolio, says Council Chief Executive Garry Poole has decided to waive the tickets in this instance because this was a very unusual set of circumstances.

"These drivers were caught out as the match went all the way to penalties.

"The wardens were only doing their job but we are able to use our discretion and waive the tickets in this instance.

"Mr Poole has also asked Council staff to look in the next few days at our approach to parking enforcement around the stadium."

However Mayor Prendergast says the waiving of the tickets should not give stadium users the impression they will have carte blanche to park for as long as they like in surrounding streets during future events. "This is a one-off gesture of goodwill."

She urges stadium-goers to consider using public transport if possible. "It's very easy to get to and from the stadium without using a car. That way, problems like this don't arise."

She says parking was a "huge issue" for Thorndon and Wadestown residents and retailers when planning was under way in the 1990s for the new stadium in the railyards.

"I am aware that, overall, the parking time limits imposed have been successful in addressing their concerns. While it would not be a straightforward exercise to amend the conditions, the Council could look into the possibility of relaxing controls outside of business hours.

"This would be a change to the requirements of the stadium consent and would have to be discussed with local residents, retailers and the Thorndon Community Liaison Group established under the stadium consent."

The liaison group has representatives from the Stadium Trust, the Council, CentrePort, Kiwirail, Thorndon and Highland Park residents and Thorndon Quay business owners.

About 10 other infringement notices were issued by wardens last night around the stadium to vehicles parked on bus stops or not displaying registration or warrant-of-fitness stickers. These tickets will not be waived.