Newlands Mural Finished

5 January 2010

Newlands Community Centre has been transformed. Local artist Michel Tuffery, together with students from Newlands College and the wider northern suburbs, has just completed a mural on the centre's exterior walls.

Michel came up with the design after consultation with the Newlands community. While many community members brought Michel international stamps for the artwork, the younger generation made sure their penchant for graf-art would be part of the wider picture as well.

"What's resulted is a cross-cultural, intergenerational artwork by the community for the community. While I've orchestrated the project and worked on the design, I truly see this as something the entire population of Newlands can own as collaborative creators," says Michel.

The mural traces the development of Newlands from its infancy to the present day, and as Michel grew up there, he was the perfect candidate to work on this high-profile community project.

Michel is an internationally-renowned multidisciplinary artist.