Haiti Quake Horror can't be Ignored in Wellington

15 January 2010

Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast is urging Wellingtonians to open their wallets to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake disaster as the scale of the destruction in the Caribbean nation becomes more apparent.

The terrifying and heartbreaking news images from Haiti should also serve as a jarring reminder to Wellingtonians that a disastrous earthquake could strike our region at any time, says Mayor Prendergast.

"I urge Wellingtonians to show their customary generosity and donate to any appeal set up to help the people of Haiti. This struggling nation has been dealt a devastating blow - and so I urge everyone to make a donation.

"But at the same time, Wellingtonians should remember the fact that we are also liable to be hit hard by a big quake.

"This is a shocking reminder that we need to do everything we can to be prepared in case a big quake hits this region. Simple steps taken now could save lives in the future."

Wellington City Council's Emergency Preparedness Manager, Fred Mecoy, says whether we like it or not, if the 'big one' strikes we'll all have to look after ourselves for at least several days - if not longer.

"The more prepared we are - at home, at work and as communities - the less traumatic the experience will be."

For information about how you can prepare for disasters, visit:

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