Discounted Ship 'n Chip Tours

5 January 2010

There are some benefits to not leaving Wellington for the holidays. There's a bit more peace and quiet for us to swan around the city at leisure, and time to focus on new things.

Now the Museum of Wellington has come up with a corker - discounts for Wellington residents to take their Ship 'n Chip tour. It starts off with a guided tour of Wellington's history at the Museum of Wellington on Queens Wharf, closely followed by a traditional fish 'n chips lunch in the sun on the waterfront.

After that, you'll hop on the Dominion Post ferry to go to Matiu / Somes Island. Tours start at 11.00am and finish at about 4.00pm.

This trip around Wellington's history and harbour usually costs $39 for the whole thing, but Wellington residents can book for $35, or $32 for children under 14, from now until 12 January (weekdays only).

It's essential to book before 4.00pm the day before by calling
(04) 472 8904 or emailing