Removal of Hazardous Trees

10 November 2009

We will remove about 25 hazardous macrocarpa trees
from Beacon Hill Reserve in early December. The trees
are close to nearby houses on Signallers Grove.

Two internal tracks will be closed while the work is going on. However, the main Eastern Walkway track and main entrance into the reserve from the Pass of Branda will remain open.

We will also use the tree removal operation as an opportunity to improve the overall access into the reserve from Beacon Hill Road. This will involve track re-contouring to do away with the steep steps that are currently in place at the entranceway.

Work is expected to last two weeks and will take place from 9.00am until 4.30pm on weekdays only. It might be noisy at times, but we ask you to bear with us while we get this important work done.

For more information, phone Kevin Reardon on (04) 499 4444.