New City Traffic Signals Will Benefit Bus Users

13 November 2009

Work going on near the St James Theatre in Courtenay Place will help reduce delays for buses travelling into and out of town and provide more footpath space for night time revellers.

Traffic signals are being installed on the pedestrian crossing near Reading Cinemas ­­­to reduce the number of times buses have to stop as they travel along Courtenay Place - something that will help peak-hour commuters in particular, get to their destinations more quickly.

At the same time, the Council is upgrading an old stormwater pipe in the immediate area and making changes to the street car parks outside the TAB and Mermaid, Coyote and Shooters bars so they can potentially be used in different ways at different times.

The same number of car parks are being created in the same place but rather than being on the road, the area where the cars will park will be level with the footpath.

Mayor Kerry Prendergast, the Council's Transport Portfolio Leader, says the car parks are being constructed from grey exposed aggregate concrete and will be easily distinguishable in colour and texture from the paved footpath.

"We have designed this area in a way that can potentially be used to meet different needs at different times," she says. "For instance, we may well look at introducing parking restrictions that apply at certain times so the area could be used for parking during the day, as it is at the moment, but provide extra footpath space on Friday and Saturday nights to accommodate the large numbers of  people that use this area and queue outside the bars."

The Council agreed in June to install traffic signals on the three unsignalised Courtenay Place pedestrian crossings - part of its ongoing commitment to improve bus access through the city. The ones going in outside Reading Cinemas will be in operation in early December.

A temporary bus stop and pedestrian crossing are being provided in the area while construction is under way. The work is expected to be complete by the end of November.