New Charges for Khandallah Pool

17 November 2009

It will now cost children $1 and adults $2 to swim at Khandallah Pool this summer. There are a few reasons for this.

First, the costs of keeping the pools running, including for chemicals and materials, have escalated over the years.

Second, as a result of our Long-term Council Community Plan consultation this year, we've increased the prices on some of our services, from an extra 50 cents for a swim in some pools to increased prices for hiring out DVD box sets at libraries.

Introducing the fee for a swim at Khandallah Pool is just one of these measures. These small increases across the board have allowed us to keep all the services we provide in these tight economic times.

Set amid beautiful greenery and near a handful of cafés, Khandallah Summer Pool opens for the hot summer months next Saturday,
28 November.