Manners Mall - Oral Hearings on this Week

9 November 2009

Wellington City Councillors will this week hear from about 50 organisations and individuals who have opted to make an oral submission on the proposal to revoke the pedestrian mall status of Manners Mall so it can be used by buses, and to create a new shared public space in lower Cuba Street.

Consultation closed on Friday 30 October and the Council has received 473 written submissions. Preliminary analysis shows that 211 of those were in support of revoking the pedestrian status of Manners Mall, a further 28 agreed subject to some conditions and 227 opposed it.

Submitters were asked what they thought of the plan to create a new shared public space in lower Cuba Street to compensate for the loss of public space in Manners Mall - 149 agreed with the plan, a further 77 agreed subject to some conditions and 184 disagreed with the idea. A number of people made a neutral response or chose not to comment.

All submitters were given the opportunity to speak in support of their written submission and those oral hearings are on this week. These will happen tomorrow, Tuesday 10 November from 9.15am to 4.00pm and on Thursday 12 November from 9.15am to 11.45am.

A schedule, showing the submitters planning to speak and the time they will be speaking, is available online as part of the reports for the 10 November meeting of the Strategy and Policy Committee