Fun for $5 and Under

10 November 2009

In medieval times, $5 - or its equivalent in crowns, guineas or groats - was a lot of money. It can still get you places these days. You can dance, do combat, feast and sing with the Wellington Medieval Guild for a $2 koha every Sunday in Aro Valley and Brooklyn. The group is only one among a big number having a great deal of fun for very little money.

A new booklet, Fun for $5 and Under in Wellington, is a suburb-by-suburb list of all the activities available in the city for $5 or less.

It includes many free activities, and vouchers for discounts. It also indicates which of the activities are 'disability-friendly' and 'child-friendly'.

The guide has been jointly produced by the City Council, Capital & Coast District Health Board, Capital Primary Health Organisation, Regional Public Health and Sport Wellington.

The guide was first produced in 1998 - this is the third edition.

For more information, phone Jon Gabites at the Council on (04) 801 3564 or email