Disability Reference Group Vacancy

13 October 2009

If you're interested in making Wellington a more accessible and inclusive city, apply to join the Council's Disability Reference Group (DRG).

The DRG's aim is to give people with disabilities greater participation in Wellington City Council decision-making, and provide the Council with clear views about the needs of people with disabilities and how these can best be met.

The group also advises the Council and community on issues that concern people with disabilities. The group consists of nine community members and one City Councillor, and it is currently looking for four community members.

If you'd like to be considered, please apply in writing to the Council's Accessibility Advisor, Jula Goebel, outlining why you would be a good candidate. A CV is not required, but please describe any community work you have done and supply referee contact details.

Applications are due by 5.00pm on Wednesday 21 October, and should be sent to Jula Goebel, City Communities, Wellington City Council, PO Box 2199, Wellington 6140.

For more information, call Jula on (04) 803 8661 / 021 227 8661 or email jula.goebel@wcc.govt.nz.