Building and Housing Seminars

6 October 2009

'Can you build it?' - a series of free lunchtime seminars kicks off 7 October at Central Library, Victoria Street where you can learn about building consents, resource consents and LIM (Land Information Memorandum) reports.

All seminars take place from 12 noon - 1.00pm - just show up on the day.

Consent or no consent – that is the question
Wednesday, 7 October

  • What building work can you do without a consent?
  • How you can find out if you're not sure?
  • Why we need consents

Consents for dummies - a beginner's guide to the process
Wednesday, 14 October

  • Resource consents and building consents - what's the difference?
  • How to apply, what to supply
  • What happens to your application
  • How long will it take?

Getting started - and keeping on track
Wednesday, 21 October

  • Talking to neighbours
  • Calling for inspections
  • Inspections - red tape or useful support?
  • Final sign-off

Every house has a story - fact or fiction
Wednesday, 28 October

  • Information the City Council holds about properties.
  • Selling? Helping the buyer reach a decision.
  • Buying? Finding out about a property.