Secure Your Recycling

8 September 2009

Spring winds have arrived so please remember to secure your recycling bags and bins to stop paper and plastic bottles blowing around.

Mike Mendonca, Manager of the Council's CitiOperations unit, which helps maintain the city's drainage network, says severe winds followed by heavy rain washes leaves and rubbish into drains, causing flooding and pollution of the city's stormwater system.

"There's no point doing the right thing for the environment if it's going to blow down your street and into the stormwater and ultimately our harbour," he says. "If it's too windy it's better not to put your recycling out - just save it for a week!

"There are something like 12,000 roadside drains in Wellington City. If you can make sure roadside drains near your home are not covered over by any leaves or debris, or blocked by things like plastic bottles or plastic bags it will be a great help.

"If you see surface flooding around a blocked sump, please take a minute to clear the drain - it could save some serious heartache for you or your neighbours," says Mike.

"Residents should, obviously, be cautious about their safety. If the water looks deep, or if the situation seems hazardous, then steer clear and call us on (04) 499 4444."