Residents' and Coupon Parking Changes

15 September 2009

We're considering making changes to how we manage the city's on-street parking by increasing the number of residents-only parks in residential areas near the central city.

Man with parking coupon.

Man with parking coupon.

There is huge demand for parking in the city's coupon parking zones, particularly in streets close to the central city, and the proposed changes will give residents priority over commuters for parking in these areas. We need to balance requests from residents for new resident parking space alongside the need to maintain enough short-stay parking in those areas. Residents will also have to show they have support from other residents on the street.

As part of our review into on-street parking we propose to:

  • increase the number of residents-only parks in high-pressure areas
  • establish guidelines to evaluate requests for new or extended resident parking areas
  • restrict resident parking to properties in residential zones
  • review the residential parking zone to determine whether or not we need to alter the borders
  • restrict eligibility for a new residents' parking permit for properties with off-street car parks
  • reduce the maximum allowed number of residents' parking permits from two per household unit to one per unit for multi-unit dwellings such as apartments or flats.

We would also like to discuss the price of residents' parking, coupon exemption and coupon parking permits. The Council's Chief Transport Planner, Steve Spence, says there are no specific price rises proposed but the Council wants to know whether people think these need to change.

"We think the current annual $90 charge for a residents' parking permit and $50 a year for a coupon exemption permit may be too low. These prices mean it only costs residents 25 cents a day to park their car using a residents' parking permit compared with commuters being charged $5 a day or about $7 a day to rent a garage in the same area."

Steve says we are also looking at whether to restrict the number of new residents' parking permits for multi-unit dwellings and properties with off-street parking.

"This would mean that a house with no off-street parking would be eligible for two resident permits but a house with two or more off-street parks wouldn't be eligible for any resident permits.

In terms of multi-unit dwellings such as apartments, we want to reduce the number of resident permits each unit is eligible for from two per unit to one."

Residents in both situations would be able to apply for an unlimited number of coupon exemption permits and the change would only apply to new applicants – not current permit holders.

We also want to revise the eligibility maps for residents' parking permits so that only residential-zoned properties are eligible for parking permits. This change would affect about 250 permit holders eligible under our current rules – however the proposed changes would only apply to new applicants and affected permit holders would continue to have their permits renewed.

Tell us what you think of our proposed changes to on-street parking on the 'Public Input' section of our website.  Submissions on the review close at 5.00pm Friday 16 October. Oral hearings will be held on Thursday 5 November and a final report with recommendations will be presented to the Council in December.