New Traffic Lights in Newtown

8 September 2009

New traffic lights are going up in Newtown as part of a range of measures to improve road safety.

Lights have been installed at the intersection of Rintoul and Waripori streets and, later this month, two more sets of traffic lights will be operating in Constable Street, at the intersections with Coromandel and Owen streets.

The introduction of traffic signals and upgrades is part of our SaferRoads programme. The changes follow extensive consultation with Newtown and Berhampore residents on road safety issues. The residents identified speed, intersections, pedestrians, cycles, parking and issues such as lighting and road width as key areas that needed to be addressed.

Since then, we've reduced the speed limit to 40 km/h on most residential streets. The Newtown/Berhampore SaferRoads project is being run over two years and will cost $2 million.