Library Service Centre Closures

28 September 2009

The way to pay your Council bills in person has changed, with the service centres in Johnsonville, Kilbirnie, Newtown and Tawa branch libraries now closed. While the closures mean you can't pay Council bills in libraries, you now have more places to pay.

Rates, Council housing payments and other barcoded Council invoices can be paid at your local PostShop. The City Service Centre at 101 Wakefield Street will remain open and you can pay all Council bills there, as well as pick up forms, publications, dog waste bags and much more. And don't forget - you can pay many Council bills online.

Check your Council invoice to find out how or where to pay, call (04) 499 4444 or view our website. Rubbish bags, recycling bins and parking coupons are still available from many library counters.