Extensive District Plan Changes

28 September 2009

Every 10 years we look at our District Plan - the city's planning rulebook - to see if it's still meeting the city's needs.

The District Plan contains the rules that say where and how development can take place. For example, the Residential zone includes most of the city's residential suburbs, and the Suburban Centre zone includes shopping areas as well as commercial and industrial areas.

The proposed District Plan Changes 72 and 73 detail what we're proposing to do to these zones as we expect both the city's population and economy to grow over the next 10 years.

As most of you live, shop or work in these areas, it's likely that the proposed changes will be of interest to you. We've prepared a summary guide that goes into the proposed changes in more detail - view our website, go to any of our libraries or call (04) 499 4444 and we'll send a copy out to you.

Submissions are due by 5.00pm, Friday 27 November.