Volunteers Keep Wellington Green

4 August 2009

On any day, people all across Wellington are volunteering their time and expertise to help protect our environment and restore our native plants and wildlife.

Members of 48 different environment care groups help restore sand dunes, streams and forests. They plant, control pests, pick up litter and build tracks in just about every open space in Wellington City.

Senior Park Ranger Steven Peters says the Council supports these groups by providing native plants from the Council's Berhampore Nursery, as well as health and safety training, tools and technical expertise.

"Our volunteers do a wonderful job and their generosity means so much more environmental work gets done around the city. It would be impossible for staff or contractors to do all this work. For a start, any budget would be blown to smithereens.

"Their work is critical in helping us restore Wellington's biodiversity," Steven says.

There are environment care groups in every nook and cranny of Wellington so to find one near you, check out our website for the complete listings of all the groups that we support.

For more information on environmental volunteering, view the pages below or contact Steven Peters on (04) 499 4444.