Improving the Sportsfields at Karori Park

11 August 2009

We're carrying out further drainage and irrigation work on Karori Park ahead of the summer sports season - and with an eye on a future first-class 'warrant of fitness' to stage representative cricket games. The improvements will also benefit football in winter.

Work starts on 17 August and runs for two weeks. It's part of a two-year project and work this year will cost $200,000, says Sportsfields Manager Trevor Jackson. "In order to improve the drainage of the field we are installing further pipe drains in between the existing ones," says Trevor.

"Irrigation will also be installed to assist the growth of the grass in summer, and 500 cubic metres of compost will be spread over the park to help improve soil structure."

We will be closing one senior and one junior football ground two weeks before the end of the winter sports season. The aim is to have the work completed before the start of summer sport.