New-look 'Our Wellington' Page

7 July 2009

Read the new-look 'Our Wellington' page to find out more about the things that matter you - what's going on in the city, what the Council's up to, services available and ways you can get involved.

Our Wellington page - 07.07.09

Our Wellington page - 07.07.09

A recent review of Council publications recommended making 'Our Wellington' the main way of communicating with residents and ratepayers. We're stopping some of our publications and moving content online and into 'Our Wellington'.

The revamped 'Our Wellington' is bigger, has a fresh new design and is now being published on Tuesdays.

Links under 'Wellington this Week' on our home page will provide further information on some of the stories in the 'Our Wellington' page.  You can read the full version of 'Our Wellington' online:

Our Wellington - 07.07.09 (631Kb PDF)

In June, we asked 'Our Wellington' readers for their feedback. Most respondents:

  • read 'Our Wellington' regularly
  • find it a useful source of information
  • use the internet daily
  • visit this website regularly (50 percent visit at least once a week)
  • want to get their Council information online as well as in print.

For any questions or comments on the new-look page, email us on