New Clock for Lambton Quay

28 July 2009

There is a new piece of property on Lambton Quay - thanks to property mogul Sir Robert Jones.

Sir Robert thought there were not enough public clocks in the city, so he donated $20,000 for one. The one metre diameter clock has been installed five metres high on a lamp post in lower Lambton Quay.

The clock was designed by Council urban designer Peter Fraser. "I wanted something clean and minimal. You can see it from Kirkaldies and you can see if from Bowen Street."

The clock mechanism comes from Swiss clockmaker Mobatime. "It's quite sophisticated in the sense that it does an automatic daylight saving change," he says.

It is powered by the street lighting circuit, with battery back-up. At night it is illuminated by low-voltage LED lights, developed by Plimmerton company KTL Technologies, who supplied the light panels for the Courtenay Place light boxes.