Council Chief Executive Performance Review Results

3 July 2009

Wellington City Council's Performance Review Committee has completed its annual review of the performance of Council Chief Executive Garry Poole.

Mr Poole is in his 12th year with the Council and Mayor Kerry Prendergast says he has had another excellent year. "But he won't be receiving a pay rise this year - at his own request.

"Mr Poole advised us some months ago that he and the Council's leadership team had voluntarily opted not to receive any remuneration increases or bonuses this year as part of Council-wide cost saving measures in response to the recession.

"Such leadership is both admirable and typical of Mr Poole, whose performance this year has again been excellent.  The past year has been a difficult one for us as we faced the challenges of the recession head-on.

"Mr Poole and his team had identified two years ago the likelihood of affordability issues and their forward and lateral thinking has helped to mitigate the impact on the organisation and city.

Ms Prendergast says another highlight of the past year has been the strong focus on engaging with ratepayers and residents in different ways and its obvious success. "We have just completed our Long-Term Council Community Plan, setting out our priorities and spending for the next 10 years, which is never an easy task. 

"Not only did Mr Poole and his team do a splendid job pulling that together, the new pre-engagement tools we employed resulted in 38% of our submissions being from first-time submitters - meaning we successfully reached new people and encouraged them to have their say."

Mr Poole's remuneration is reviewed annually.  It will remain at $387,256 per annum until the next review in July 2010.