Churton Park Land Sold for New Primary School

29 May 2009

Wellington City Council has sold a piece of reserve land at Churton Park to the Ministry of Education. The Ministry plans to build a new primary school for the area.

The Council's Social Portfolio Leader, Councillor Ngaire Best, says that the Council is committed to consulting with the community on future recreational and community needs for the local area.

This proposal will be signalled in the Council's long-term plan and project details will be included in the 2010/11 annual plan.

"We are committed to providing appropriate community facilities for this area which will be both complementary to the school and the local people," says Cr Best.

The Ministry of Education will create an establishment board next month before any planning is made for the school site. Cr Best says she hopes a representative from the City Council will be included on the board.

"This is a unique opportunity for consultation to occur between the community, the City Council and the establishment board to come up with the best possible solution for Churton Park's young people and the wider community," she says.

The Council's Environment Portfolio Leader, Councillor Celia Wade-Brown, says she is thrilled that the northern suburb is about to have a much-needed school for Churton Park's growing population.

"The school will also provide land for community and recreational facilities, such as a playground. This work will complement what we're already doing in the area with regard to reserve and track development.

"We'll work closely with the Ministry of Education to ensure that the community has access to the outdoor recreational facilities associated with the new school as well as access to school facilities outside of school hours."