Calling all Budding Garden Designers

6 May 2009

Have you got a green thumb and a flair for design? The team at the Wellington Botanic Garden is keen to hear from you.

They need a new design for the 'innovation garden' and are asking for ideas from local gardeners, landscape architects, artists, design students and creative amateurs.

Located at the main entrance on Glenmore Street, the 'innovation garden' gives talented local designers a chance to show that gardening can be an art form.

Botanic Gardens Manager David Sole says that as well as maintaining a strong sense of history and tradition, the Botanic Garden encourages innovation and creativity. "We're very keen to see plants used in new and exciting ways - we want the garden to be both eye-catching and thought-provoking."

The garden will be planted by Botanic Garden staff in August and needs to be looking good for the Spring Festival in late September.

David says the 'innovation garden' is a great opportunity for both established and aspiring garden designers. "More than a million people visit the Botanic Garden each year - so you'd struggle to find a better way to get your work noticed."

The garden is expected to be in place for almost a year.

Anyone interested in finding out more should phone the Botanic Garden on (04) 499 1400 or email

The deadline for designs to be submitted is Friday 19 June.