Mass Origami Water Lily Launch at Botanic Garden

27 February 2009

Te Aro School pupils will be releasing hundreds of multi-coloured origami water lilies into the pond in the centre of Lady Norwood Rose Garden next Friday 6 March - an activity inspired by Monet and the other Impressionist paintings on show at Te Papa.

The children will make the paper water lilies at school in the morning and provided it is fine all 210 pupils will walk to the fountain for a 12.30pm launch and picnic. If it is wet a smaller group of children will make the journey.

Wellington City Council's Environment Portfolio Leader Councillor Celia Wade-Brown says the event is one of several activities planned at the Botanic Garden to coincide with Te Papa's Monet and the Impressionists exhibition which is on until 17 May.

"The Botanic Garden is very accessible so downtown workers can easily get there at lunchtime or after work and experience flowers and garden settings like those that inspired the Impressionists. Monet loved his gardens and Wellingtonians love the Botanic Garden."

Garden staff have created a Monet-style haystack on an area of lawn above the Treehouse and adjacent to the main downhill path to the city, and planted wildflower seeds around it.  These should begin flowering in about a month.

A group of artists from Watercolour New Zealand will be in the rose garden from 10.00am this Sunday 1 March and again on 15 March - demonstrating "plein air" or outdoor painting. Their work will be on display in the Begonia House from 2.00pm.

Monet-inspired guided walks are also planned at 11.00am on Thursday 19 March and Sunday 19 April.

Meet on the deck of the Treehouse Visitor Centre to learn about plants Monet liked to paint, such as wisteria and water lilies, and how to grow them.