Hazardous Pines to be Removed for Safety Reasons

27 February 2009

Two groups of ageing pine trees on Tinakori Hill and in the Aro Valley will be removed over the next few weeks to help protect nearby homes and walking tracks.

Wellington City Council contractor Treescape is due to begin work on Tinakori Hill on Monday 2 March, where about 23 trees are being removed from land above houses in Salisbury Garden Court in Wadestown.

The Council bought the land, which is adjacent to the Town Belt and Tinakori Hill ridgeline, in late 2007 for $140,000 to protect almost a hectare of regenerating bush from possible residential development.

The Council's Environment Portfolio Leader, Councillor Celia Wade-Brown, says the importance of the bush has been recognised and valued by local residents for decades and in recent years, the community has been actively planting native plants in the area, most of them supplied by the Council's Berhampore Nursery.

"These ageing pine trees are being pro-actively removed as part of our hazardous tree removal programme because of their deteriorating condition and the damage they could potentially do if they were to come down during a storm," she says. "To minimise any damage to the bush, contractors will be using a crane to remove the felled trees."  

The job is expected to take about six days, weather permitting.

The team will then move to the Polhill Reserve in Aro Valley where at least three large old pines have come down over the last six months, damaging tracks in the area. To reduce the risk of further damage, around 25 pines will be removed. Work is expected to start about Tuesday 10 March and take five days and will be visible from Aro Street.

Work hours for both jobs are Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 4.00pm.

Tree felling is noisy and dangerous so for safety reasons, people are asked to avoid any closed sections of track and work areas. These will be clearly marked.