Fairy Trina Tells Tantalising Tales at the Botanic Garden

7 January 2009

Wellington's favourite fairy, Fairy Trina, is taking her wand to the Botanic Garden to transform the Sound Shell and surrounding areas into a magical world. For this summer's spell of fun and enchantment, she will take toddlers and tots through Tales of Tanglewood from Monday (12 January).

Fairy Trina says she has relocated from the Dell to the Sound Shell for this year's interactive pantomimes and, by Monday, many parts of the Botanic Garden will have transcended into an alternative world.

"First, children will enter the Sound Shell through archways that are placed at the three entrances. What they will enter is a magical world - the herb garden is now Tipple Orchard, full of custard trees and magical creatures. And the Rose Garden is now Dream Glitter Garden, where lots of little fairies are making magic pancakes among the roses.

"But the little ones will have to be careful - if they eat one of the pancakes, they will fall asleep for 100 years," she adds.

The Duck Pond will be known as the Magic Lake, where children will learn that Cedric the monster is actually not such a bad monster, and a giant garden spirit has been made by expert puppet maker, Fiona Duthie especially for Bunnings Tales of Tanglewood. A beautiful new set has also been created by Erica Duthie and Struan Ashby, which will delight children and parents alike.

Fairy Trina says this year's Bunnings Tales of Tanglewood will be a bit more parent-friendly than other years. "We have introduced little things to make their lives easier," she says. "There will be vendors at different locations selling donuts, coffee and delicious ribs and sausages.

"And they will also benefit from the colouring-in competition. This year, we will change it to a 'draw your own picture' competition, where the children can delight in their creative imaginations. And if a child wins a prize, their parents win delicious chocolate."

Bunnings Tales of Tanglewood starts on Monday 12 January and runs until Sunday 25 January (except Tuesdays and Saturdays). Tales are from 10.00am to 11.00am. Push Play Trailers will be there some mornings at 9.30am with lots of games for children to play in the lead up to their magical adventure. Check out the NZCT Summer City brochure, available from Council service centres, libraries, pools and cafés around town, or visit the Events Calendar for more information.