Youth Council


  1. Opening
  2. Apologies
  3. What’s on top?
  4. Conflicts of interest
  5. Playground policy – Bec Ramsey to discuss the scoping of the playground policy
  6. Child and Youth Friendly City initiative – Matt Sims to discuss child and youth friendly work
  7. Previous minutes accepted and matters arising
    Matters arising from 14 October
    - YC to establish a working group on biodiversity strategy in Nov/ Dec
    - Discussion on quorum – recommend the YC agree to an appropriate quorum
    Matters arising from 30 September
    - End of year function
  8. General Business
    - Review of 2015 work programme and scope development of 2015 annual report March 2015-December 2015. (Last year’s annual report attached.)
    - Working group updates – including professional development, town belt and social housing
    - Teenage Girls recreation - Fran McEwen and Katie Adams to talk about teenage girl’s recreation
  9. Closing of meeting

Please note

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Council and Committee meetings are livestreamed on our YouTube page. This includes any public participation at the meeting.

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