Youth Council


  1. Opening
  2. Apologies
  3. What’s on top?
  4. Conflicts of interest
  5. Biodiversity Strategy – Myfanwy Emeny to discuss biodiversity and environmental projects
  6. Previous minutes accepted and matters arising
    Matters arising from 16/9
    - photo to be uploaded – individuals will not be identified - complete
    - YC members to be named on the website – still awaiting some responses
    - Use of Committee Room 1 – is not feasible as the Council will use this room for its meetings on Wednesday evenings meaning YC would need to have a different room for those nights - complete
    - Inner city recycling bins – email sent to all members on 21 September - complete
    Matters arising from 30 September
    - Joint letter of agreement – to be discussed under general business
    - Town Belt submission – to be discussed under working group updates
    - End of year function
  7. General Business
    - Joint letter of agreement 2016 (including on-line voting)
    - Wellington Access Radio – email attached
    - YC Manual and calendar template – Ollie and Siobhan to discuss
    - Working group updates – including professional development, town belt and social housing
  8. Closing of meeting

Please note

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