Youth Council


1. Opening

2. Apologies – Sean, Maddie, Brittany, Bing (late)

3. What’s on top?

4. Foundation for Young Australians

5. Conflicts of interest

6. Previous minutes accepted and matters arising

7. General Business
     WCC’s youth work (Bessie Fepulea'I)
     Review of Advisory Groups and impact on Youth Council including recruitment process 


     Annual Report feedback
     Video project update
    Submissions on:
       New development proposal for North Kumutoto (closes 28 Feb)
       Reduced central city speed limit (30 kph) (opens 4 Feb, probably runs for a month)
       Draft Annual Plan (11 Feb - 11 Mar)
       Position on Safe and Sustainable Transport Reference Group
       Rotary Youth Leadership Award reports (Jack/Ben)
       Potential project with McGuinness Institute
    Election for new Chair/Deputy next meeting

8. Closing of meeting

Please note

Information and recommendations contained in all agendas and reports are recommendations only and are not to be construed, in any way, as Council policy until adopted. Minutes are unconfirmed until confirmed at a subsequent meeting.

Council and Committee meetings are livestreamed on our YouTube page. This includes any public participation at the meeting.

Community Board, Advisory Group, Forum and District Licensing Committee meetings are not livestreamed.