Youth Council

The Wellington Youth Council meets regularly to provide a voice for young people.


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They work on youth-related projects and advise Wellington City Council on issues that affect the city and the city's youth.

Main roles

  • Assist and advise the City Council on how to help grow a great city where young people thrive and contribute to the City Council's priorities.
  • Bring extra insight to Council (a youth perspective) to solve problems facing a changing world.
  • Develop the capabilities of its members (including leadership and engaging more, wider youth).

Terms of Reference

Youth Council Terms of Reference (245KB PDF) | Text version (50KB DOCX)

Youth Councillors at their Induction Evening

Youth Council 2023/24


  • Anastasia Reid (Chair)
  • Nīkau Edmond-Smaill (Deputy Chair)
  • Andrew Ackerley
  • Ben Bridle
  • Aarthi Candadi
  • Ashika Chander
  • Maddalena Dalasso
  • Finley Duncan
  • Kalani Fransen
  • Sophie Lee
  • Caspar Levack
  • Shelly Liang
  • August Metherell
  • Diana Milne
  • Teresa Ng
  • Sophie Newman
  • Ashleigh Putt-Fallows
  • Brynn Pierce
  • Kady Saxon
  • Albert Ututaonga


  • Councillor Ben McNulty
  • Councillor Nīkau Wi Neera (Alternate)

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