Pacific Advisory Group


1. Welcome

2. Acknowledgement Leonie Gill 
PAG members, Councillors, and Council staff acknowledged the sad passing of Leonie Gill.

3. Opening prayer

4. Apologies:

5. Minutes for last meeting

6. Confirmation required for the minutes of the meeting held 9th November 2013

7. Matters Arising from minutes 
a. Living Wage update 
b. Pacifika Festival. (please see agenda item) 
c. Mayors Forum – Pacific.

8. Councillors update

9. Pacifica Festival 
Feedback from the working party sub-committee meeting held on the 23rd October 2013.

10. Pacific Wardens – Wellington Police Department 
Update on the development of Pacific Wardens that may be trialled in the Eastern/Southern suburbs.

11. Meet and Greet Mayor 
All members are invited to a ‘Meet and Greet’ the Mayor and Councillors on Wednesday 4th December, 2013.

12. Cultural Responsiveness Guide 
Initial development of Cultural Responsiveness Guide/Plan determining scope, aims and objectives.

13. Community updates

14. Closing and final prayer

Please note

Information and recommendations contained in all agendas and reports are recommendations only and are not to be construed, in any way, as Council policy until adopted. Minutes are unconfirmed until confirmed at a subsequent meeting.

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