Pacific Advisory Group


1. Welcome

2. Opening prayer

3. Apologies

4. Minutes for last meeting
Confirmation required for the minutes of the meeting held 10th July 2013.

5. Matters Arising from minutes
a. Arlington Flats: Contact details for discussion with the Manager of Tenancy Operations has been forwarded to Anthony Leaupepe.

6. Councillors update
Deputy Mayor Ian McKinnon, Cllr Leonie Gill, Cllr Paul Eagle

7. Annual Report Planning
‘Celebrating achievements acknowledging challenges’

8. Draft Annual Report

9. Pacific Action Plan
A proposal to formulate an Action Plan will be presented to the SPC with the Annual report (early Sept).

10. Pasifika Festival Update
Due to unforeseen events the subcommittee workshop was postponed to the 7th August 2013. Planning for the Festival has commenced with the subcommittee participating in a workshop facilitated by Rebecca Martin (Manager Community Events)

11. Living Wage
Council has agreed in principle to the implementation of a ‘Living Wage’. This however requires robust research and consultation to gather and analyse information about the cost to Wellington City Council of implementing the living wage, and the impact on our communities.

12. Pacific Forum (November)
Planning needs to commence for this activity.

13. Other Business
Items tabled for further discussion/future agenda items

14. Community updates

15. Closing and final prayer

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