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The Pacific Advisory Group, established in December 2003, is a link between the Council and Wellington's Pacific communities. It is designed to have representatives from Wellington's main Pacific nation groups - Cook Islands, Fiji, Melanesia, Micronesia, Niue, Samoa, Tokelau, Tuvalu and Tonga.

The group's role is to:

  • facilitate consultation with Pacific communities
  • help Pacific communities understand Council processes
  • enable Pacific peoples to participate in the Council's decision-making processes
  • help the Council understand the needs of Pacific communities and how these may be addressed in the context of the Council's roles and priorities.


Elections are held every three years.

Pacific Advisory Group members

  • Mino Cleverley: Samoa
  • Sunia Foliaki: Tonga
  • Christine (Kira) Hundleby: Melanesia
  • Ofania Ikiua: Niue
  • Aseri Kua: Fiji
  • Jocelyn Kua (Chair): Tokelau
  • Saimoni Lealea: Fiji
  • Merio Marsters: Cook Islands
  • Alvin Mitikulena: Niue
  • Ilisapeti Pouvalu: Tonga
  • Anthony Carter – (Deputy Chair): Samoa
  • Natalia Fareti: Samoa

Wellington City Council representatives

  • Councillor Teri O'Neill
  • Councillor Rebecca Matthews (Alternate)

More information

Sean Johnson, Democracy Advisor

Phone 027 803 0758

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