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The Pacific Advisory Group, established in December 2003, is a link between the Council and Wellington's Pacific communities. It is designed to have representatives from Wellington's main Pacific nation groups - Cook Islands, Fiji, Melanesia, Micronesia, Niue, Samoa, Tokelau, Tuvalu and Tonga.

Main roles

  • Advise Council on how to help grow a great City, where Pasifika peoples thrive and contribute to Council’s priorities.
  • Bring knowledge and extra insight into Council about how the different needs of Wellington’s Pasifika communities can be addressed in the context of Council’s roles and priorities.
  • It is recognised that members come from and remain connected to their communities, it is from this foundation members share their expertise and lived experience in this advisory role, and engage with their communities and others as part of the wider council consultation processes.

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference (285KB PDF) | Text version (50KB DOCX)

The eleven members of the Pacific Advisory Group 2021.
Gerron Ale (Tokelau), Rosie Lavea (WCC), Jope Berwick (Fiji), Sandra Tisam (Cook Islands), Natalia Fareti (Co-chair Samoa), Jocelyn Kua (Tokelau), Tino Vaireka (Cook Islands), Clare Lundon (WCC), Maria Clark (Niue), Sean Johnson (WCC), Anthony Carter (Samoa).


Elections are held every three years.

Pacific Advisory Group members

  • Gerron Ale: Tokelau
  • Jope Berwick: Fiji
  • Anthony Carter: Samoa
  • Maria Clark: Niue
  • Mino Cleverly: Samoa
  • Natalia Fareti: Samoa
  • Sunia Foliaki: Tonga
  • Kira Hundleby: Melanesia
  • Maikali Kilione: Fiji
  • Jocelyn Kua: Tokelau
  • Lisa Pouvalu: Tonga
  • Sandra Tisam: Cook Islands
  • Tino Vaireka: Cook Islands

Wellington City Council representatives

  • Councillor Teri O'Neill
  • Councillor Rebecca Matthews (Alternate)

Contact us

Advisory Groups team

Phone: 021 223 2931