Environmental Reference Group


  1. Introduction and Conflicts of Interest
  2. Apologies (Martin, Janet)
  3. Minutes of last meeting
  4. Working groups, Loomio and Drop Box
  5. Submission on Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan
    - We will seek ratification of a draft ERG submission.
  6. LTP, Urban Growth Plan & Infrastructure submissions
    - Having read the LTP, Urban Growth Plan and Infrastructure Strategy, what are the issues for water, waste, transport, urban sustainability and biodiversity? What should our advice be in these areas?
  7. Working group and theme leaders
  8. Matters arising
    - Chairing ERG
    - Inviting Cr Foster to ERG 13 April
    - Annual Report, Environment Committee, 12 February
  9. Other Business
    - Performance measures feedback
    - Public presentation on the Urban Growth Plan, 6-8pm, 1 April, Mezzanine Community Room, Central Library
  10. Action Points and Key Dates

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