Environmental Reference Group


5:30-5:35: Tea/Coffee, Greetings and Apologies

5:35-5:45: Information-Sharing and Announcements
(all ERG members)

5:45-6:15: Water Conservation
Regional and local progress and issues (Amanda Cox – GWRC, Maria Archer – WCC)
Q&A and group discussion

6:15-6:30: Draft Earthworks Rules (District Plan Change)
Summary of draft rules and consultation process (Jonathan Anderson)

6:30-6:45: Targeting and Improving Residential Infill
Approach to targeting and improving residential infill (Paul Kos)

6:45-7:00: Hazardous Tree Removal and Revegetation
Summary of current and planned activities (Kevin Reardon)

7:00-7:05: Biodiversity Action Plan
Brief update (Jim Ebenhoh on behalf of Myfanwy Emeny)

7:05-7:15: Climate Change
Update on report to 7 June Strategy and Policy Committee

7:15-7:30: Other Issues / Next Meeting
Next meeting: August?
Possible topics?

Note: If you are running later than 5:30 and find yourself locked out of the building, please ring Jim’s cellphone at 021 227 8130.

Please note

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