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Report 1 To Be Circulated
Report of the Audit and Risk Management Subcommittee
Meeting of Monday 21 August 2006
• Draft 2005/06 Financial Statements


Report 1 (105Kb PDF)

App 1 - Annual Report Cover Letter (107Kb PDF)

App 1 - KAA Cover Letter (17Kb PDF)

App 1 - Built Environment KAA (200Kb PDF)

App 1 - Community, Health and Safety KAA (264Kb PDF)

App 1 - Culture and Arts KAA (224Kb PDF)

App 1 - City Economy KAA (237Kb PDF)

App 1 - Natural Environment KAA (241Kb PDF)

App 1 - Resources and Waste KAA (275Kb PDF)

App 1 - Recreation and Leisure KAA (242Kb PDF)

App 1 - Transport KAA (221Kb PDF)

App 1 - Governancec and Citizen Information KAA (116Kb PDF)

App 1 - Financial Overview (65Kb PDF)

App 1 - Governance and Management (510Kb PDF)

App 1 - CCOs report (155Kb PDF)

App 1 - Directory (123Kb PDF)

App 2 - Audit Clearance (74Kb PDF)

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