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Councillor Pepperell
Councillor Ritchie

Conflict of Interest Declarations

Minutes for Confirmation
Thursday 6 April 2006
Thursday 11 May 2006

Public Participation

Report 1
Declaration of Wellington as a Peace City

Report 2
Portfolio: Transport and Urban Development
Footpath Management Policy

Report 3
Portfolio: Transport
Proposed Speed Limit Reduction: Rural Speed Limit for Makara, Ohariu Valley and Glenside

Report 4
Portfolio: Environment
Proposal to Name Open Space at Fyvie Avenue

Report 5
Portfolio: Organisational
Quarterly Report (January – March 2006)

Report 6
Portfolio: Social
Housing Innovation Fund Demonstration Project – Report Back on Alternative Options

Report 7
Portfolio: Social
Funding for Healthy Housing Project

Report 8
Portfolio: Organisational
Forward Programme


Report 1 (64Kb PDF)

Report 2 (396Kb PDF)

Report 2 Appendix 1C part 1 (58Kb PDF)

Report 2 Appendix 1C part 2 (60Kb PDF)

Report 2 Appendix 1C part 3 (41Kb PDF)

Report 3 (119Kb PDF)

Report 3 Appendix 1 part 1 (67Kb PDF)

Report 3 Appendix 1 part 2 (67Kb PDF)

Report 4 (58Kb PDF)

Report 5 (46Kb PDF)

Report 5 Appendix (1915Kb PDF)

Report 6 (164Kb PDF)

Report 7 (77Kb PDF)

Report 8 (130Kb PDF)

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