Council Controlled Organisation Performance (disestablished)



Minutes for Confirmation
Tuesday 28 October 2008

Conflict of Interest Declarations

Public Participation

Volume One
Update on Current Issues

Presentations from Council Controlled Organisations – St James Charitable Trust and Capacity

Report 3 To Be Circulated
Agreement on Capacity Savings Model

Report 4
Review of the performance of all Council Controlled Organisations for the Quarter ended 30 September 2008

Report 5
2009/10 Letters of Expectation to Council Controlled Organisations

Report 6
Forward Programme

Volume Two
Appendices to Report 4
•Basin Reserve Trust
•Positively Wellington Tourism
•St James Charitable Trust
•Wellington Cable Car
•Wellington Museums Trust
•Wellington Waterfront
•Wellington Zoo Trust
•Wellington Regional Stadium Trust
•Karori Wildlife Sanctuary Trust
Appendices to Report 5
•2008/09 Letters of Expectation


Report 3 (74Kb PDF)

Report 4 (73Kb PDF)

Report 4: Basin Reserve Trust (87Kb PDF)

Report 4: Capacity (85Kb PDF)

Report 4: Positively Wellington Tourism (89Kb PDF)

Report 4: St James Theatre (84Kb PDF)

Report 4: Wellington Cable Car (83Kb PDF)

Report 4: Wellington Museums Trust (80Kb PDF)

Report 4: Wellington Waterfront (85Kb PDF)

Report 4: Wellington Zoo (86Kb PDF)

Report 4: Wellington Regional Stadium (80Kb PDF)

Report 4: Karori Wildlife Sanctuary (81Kb PDF)

Report 4: Appendix 1 (29Kb PDF)

Report 4: Appendix 2 (858Kb PDF)

Report 4: Appendix 3 (1927Kb PDF)

Report 4: Appendix 4 (419Kb PDF)

Report 4: Appendix 5 (295Kb PDF)

Report 4: Appendix 6 (62Kb PDF)

Report 4: Appendix 7 (5401Kb PDF)

Report 4: Appendix 8 (286Kb PDF)

Report 4: Appendix 9 (725Kb PDF)

Report 4: Appendix 10 (121Kb PDF)

Report 5 (61Kb PDF)

Report 5: Appendix 1 (127Kb PDF)

Report 6 (59Kb PDF)

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