Accessibility Advisory Group

Meeting agenda

  1. Present
  2. Welcome from the Chair
  3. Conflicts of interest
  4. Accessibility update (15 min)
    - Jenny Rains (Community Services Manager) with a regular accessibility update.
  5. Accessibility Forum 2015 (40 min)
    - Decisions on time and date, and theme. Appoint a working group to develop invitations, invitee list and format of event.
  6. Comments on proposed Urban Growth Plan (15 min)
    - Does the AAG want to comment on the proposed Urban Growth Plan when it does its oral submission on the LTP? If so, what points should be made?
  7. Effective oral submissions (20 min)
    - We will discuss ‘how do you make an effective oral submission?’ and give the AAG’s LTP oral presenters an opportunity to practice!
  8. Mobility parking (10 min)
    - With the review of the Parking and Mobility Parking Policies scheduled for the coming year, what does the AAG need to provide high quality advice?
  9. Matters arising/Adoption of minutes
  10. Project reports
  11. Other business (10 min)
    - Annual Report, 9.15am, 30 April
    - Long Term Plan oral submission, 10.10am, 8 May
    - Feedback on emergency response information
    - Active Activists, Transport and Urban Development Committee, 9.15am, 21 May
    - WCC Style Guide (see meeting papers in Drop Box)


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Attending and speaking at meetings

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Attending and speaking at meetings


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