Accessibility Advisory Group


1. Present

2. Welcome from the Chair
Apologies - Shannon Krogmann

3. Conflict of interest

4. Matters arising/Adoption of minutes (10 minutes)

5. Memorial Park (20 minutes)
Jason Harrison, Park Manager, Memorial Park Alliance

6. Update from Be Accessible (15 minutes)
Ross Livingstone, Be Accessible Wellington

7. Reportback from submission session (15 minutes)
Angela Vanderpoel and Julia Mosen

8. Follow up from Planning Session (15 minutes)

9. Sub–group reportback (10 minutes)

10. Other business

11. Next Meeting
Tuesday 29 October 2013 in Te Mahanga Committee Room One

Please note

Information and recommendations contained in all agendas and reports are recommendations only and are not to be construed, in any way, as Council policy until adopted. Minutes are unconfirmed until confirmed at a subsequent meeting.