Accessibility Advisory Group


1. Joint chairs welcome the group

2. Apologies

3. Adoption of minutes

4. Engaging maori with disabilities
Karen hill, senior advisor city communities, to lead a discussion on engaging with maori with disability.

5. Embeding accessibility
Ken bowater, contractor, city communities, to outline his role and lead a discussion including the following:

• If the council provided improved feedback, what would it look like?

• Clarification of points in the aag draft action plan contributions.

• Examples of when we have 'got it right' - and descriptions of why this was good. I am looking for existing council models of effective practice that i can highlight to other managers so they can see it is achievable.

6. Drg subgroup reports
The 2010-11 subgroups will report on discussions to-date.

7. Report from the chairs

8. Council officers’ report
work on the horizon

9. Other business

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