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The Accessibility Advisory Group, previously known as the Disability Reference Group (DRG), gives the Council feedback and advice from the view of people living with impairments.

Main roles

  • Advise Council on how to help grow a great and accessible City, where barriers to people with impairments are minimised.
  • Bring lived experience and knowledge to Council around accessibility issues in the context of Council’s roles and priorities.
  • It is recognised that members come from and remain connected to their communities, it is from this foundation members share their expertise and lived experience in this advisory role, and engage with their communities and others as part of the wider council consultation processes.

Terms of Reference (300KB PDF) | Text version (50KB DOCX)

Accessibility Advisory Group from L to R Alan Royal, Solmaz Nazari Orakani, Rachel Noble, Amy Evans, Susan Williams, Humphrey Hanley, Erikka Helliwell, Stuart Mills.
Accessibility Advisory Group L to R: Alan Royal (former member), Solmaz Nazari Orakani, Rachel Noble, Amy Evanson (former member), Susan Williams, Humphrey Hanley, Erikka Helliwell, Stuart Mills (former member).


Members of this group have a broad knowledge of accessibility and can advise on the needs of people with impairments. Issues that arise from the meetings are reported back to the wider disability community by group members.

Accessibility Advisory Group members

  • Donna Fasavalu
  • Hannah Gibson
  • Humphrey Hanley
  • Erikka Helliwell
  • David Karl
  • Moko Mataa
  • Olivia Murphy
  • Solmaz Nazari Orakani
  • Rachel Noble
  • Renee Patete
  • Nick Ruane (Co-Chair)
  • Susan Williams (Co-Chair)

Wellington City Council representatives

  • Councillor Rebecca Matthews
  • Councillor Iona Pannett (alternate)

Annual reports

These annual reports give information on the Accessibility Advisory Group's work and achievements and how they've addressed issues. 

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