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The Accessibility Advisory Group, previously known as the Disability Reference Group (DRG), gives the Council feedback and advice from the view of people living with impairments.

Main roles

  • Provide feedback and advice to all Council business units when required.
  • Be an information channel to and from the Council.
  • Advise the Council on accessibility issues of national and international interest.
  • Help the Council's engagement and consultation on accessibility issues with people who have impairments and with the wider community.
  • Represent the broad spectrum of issues for people with impairments in relation to the Council's activities.

Terms of Reference (114KB PDF) | Text version (123KB RTF)

Accessible Wellington Action Plan

The Council's accessibility plan outlines a set of actions designed to improve Wellington's reputation as an inclusive and socially responsible city - one that is accessible, safe and easy to get around: Accessible Wellington Action Plan.


Members of this group have a broad knowledge of accessibility and can advise on the needs of people with impairments. Issues that arise from the meetings are reported back to the wider disability community by group members.

Accessibility Advisory Group members

  • Michael Bealing (Co-Chair)
  • Nick Ruane (Co-Chair)
  • Erikka Helliwell
  • Tristram Ingram
  • Rosie Macleod
  • Stuart Mills
  • Solmaz Nazari Orakani
  • Rachel Noble
  • Alan Royal

Wellington City Council representatives

  • David Lee
  • Andy Foster

Annual reports

These annual reports give information on the Accessibility Advisory Group's work and achievements and how they've addressed issues. 

Frequency of meetings

The Accessibility Advisory Group meets monthly.

More information

Dominic Tay, Senior Democracy Advisor

Phone 027 803 0391